Monday, April 18, 2011

Dear my brothers and sisters,

Dear sons and daughters of GOD,

It's been a while since my last post and I decided to write a post of a self introspection I had a few years ago..
I've been looking at my whole life and I realized that in most of people life,
it's all about themselves, or in my case it's all about myself..
Every little thing we do is focusing on what advantages will we get in the end..
and something is missing, really missing in my life..

I do know that true happiness is only from GOD..
I learned to be better in every aspect of my life..
Still, I try to put GOD in the first place of anything in my life..
Little by little I learned about what should I do in this messy world..
People really had become more and more individualistic and selfish,
and GOD teaches us to be the opposite, to spread love..

I encourage all of you to seek HIM,
pray & worship HIM, read the Bible..
Let GOD be lifted up! Let us be the light of the world..
Let our GOD be glorified and magnified..

we all have our own talents, and maybe some of us don't know what our talent is..
ask HIM, HE will show you HIS plan in your life..
HE'll teach you, and show HIS blessings in HIS unexpected ways..
Start praying, my brothers and sisters! ♡


Kassandra said...

Hi! lovely post :)
nice blog!! i follow you now!
Would you come in mine and follow me?i'd be very happy!

Melisa Natalia S. said...

hiii Kassandra!
thank you so much.. :) :)
you have a nice blog..
I'm following you too!!

Jesa said...

Ah really lovely blog! you're adorable!
x, Jesa

Melisa Natalia S. said...

hey, thank you very much!! yours is really lovely too! thank you..

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