Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fragrance Starter

All this time I've been trying to find the perfect fragrance that suits me because I'm pretty picky about fragrances.. I don't like an overwhelming or heavy scent of perfumes..
Also sometimes I love the bottle but I don't like the smell and the other way around..
I have too many choices but then I decided to buy this sweet Pink Chanel Chance Perfume..
I love this one best, so fresh and light!!

I also bought this book, "Dreaming of Chanel" by Charlotte Smith..
I'm so in love with the cover, and if you look closely at the cover you'll see that the black part of the cover are made of suede, even the tip of the shoes.. So adorable!! There are also drawings & illustrations inside that made me love this book even more!! One recommended book! ♡

do you have any idea about the other fragrances that also fresh and light? or maybe similar to this Chanel Chance? and also tell me about your favorite fragrance :)

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