Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Directing from Above

I've been saying I'm blessed thousands of time
but there are really no words to describe how grateful I am,
how thankful I am to be born in this family,
to have great parents, to have a talented sister, and
to have such an amazing boyfriend.

I am honored that GOD chose me to be a Christian, to know GOD, to be able to know HIS love. I thank HIM everyday for my whole life because of these.
Me & my family has seen HIS amazing ways to teach, bless, and show HIS love & plans. HE works in mysterious ways, in a way that we don't understand, in a way that as a human we will never think of. If I took my time just to think back a little bit, I just couldn't believe that things which seems impossible became possible. How great is our GOD, it's true!

In my younger age I questioned everything like why it's like this and not like that, why GOD didn't create me like this or like that. I believe there are so many young teenager that has been through a lot and they start to question everything. Maybe you're living in your worst nightmare, being bullied, had some troubles with your family, or maybe even worse.
The thing is that you have to really believe GOD has plans for you, for each and everyone of us
I'll give you some illustration here.
There's a picture below to make you easier to understand.

A few days ago my boyfriend dropped me and his mom in a hospital lobby and he was going to park his car. The parking lot was full at that time so it took so long that after I got to the third floor in the other building (I have to walk from the main building's lobby to the next building) I still saw his car in front of the lobby waiting for the other car to come out so he could parked his car. I called him and I watched the parking lot from above. There was this car coming out and nobody saw it and so was the employee.

When it was my boyfriend turn to get into the parking lot I guided him to that empty spot that really close to the building's entrance (the building I was in). The employee told him to go park his car on the other side that's very far from the entrance but I told my boyfriend that he had to turned left because obviously there was an empty parking lot. The employee kept shouting and directed him, but I told my boyfriend that there was an empty spot. If you take a look at the picture you'll see that if my boyfriend turned left and then left again there's no turning back and he would have to go out and queue again. I said to him "I'm 100% sure because I can see it, turn left!!". He believed me and he got that spot. He said to me "It was nice to have someone directing from above".

It really goes the same way, GOD is directing us from above. We deal with hard situations and maybe we don't have any way out, but GOD knows and HE will give you the way out. HE watches us from above. We don't know what may happen in the future, but HE knows. HE knows all. All we have to do is communicate with HIM, pray. Praise HIM, bring you prayer to HIM, ask HIM what to do just like David who is the greatest King of Israel. David asked GOD in every single step and decision he made. Think about this, GOD has plans for us all, and we need HIM to figure it out.

Pray now, brothers and sisters in CHRIST.

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