Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tiffany, a devoted Christian girl

I'd like to share my love for Tiffany 'Girls Generation' or 'SNSD'.. :)
She is my inspiration, my role model, and GOD’s angel..

A girl with great eye-smile..
No one can beat her eye-smile I have to say :)
I adore her for her ability in singing, her language, and etc..
But I fall for her more and more after I read a forum which titled
“Tiffany and Christianity”

Here is the link

I read the post and I was like “T___T”
She’s such a devoted Christian girl, she loves GOD more than anything..
I really can’t describe how much I adore her after I read it..
I personally love GOD more than anything in my life,
I always try to be better in HIM everyday..

And this is another post that really touched and inspires me

She has been through so much pain in her life..
Physically and spiritually, inside and out..
Many people hate her for her faith in GOD..
Many people were jealous of her..
Many people try to bring her down..
But GOD lift her up.. GOD didn’t stay still..
Recently, she was chosen as the “Korea Top Face's 'Top Idol Of 2011'”
and Best Fashionista..

Tiffany said:
"In life we are tested by major changes, delayed promises, impossible problems, unanswered prayers, undeserved criticism, and even senseless tragedies. HE tests faith through problems, hope by how we handle possessions, and love through people. Thank you for testing my character to reveal my weaknesses, prepare me for more responsibilities, and making every day and each second as a growth opportunity to deepen my character, demonstrate love, and to depend on YOU. During the time between the last album, I am amazed by YOUR beautiful, unending, preserving (the list will go on forever) love & because I learn something new from it everyday, & this is what I want to tell the world. I will sing of YOUR love with every breath in me. Thank you FATHER GOD."

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Fashion Cappuccino said...

What a gorgeous girl and such an inspiration! xoxoxoo

dEJOISS said...

She is so beautiful. :)


Melisa Natalia S. said...

yeapp!! such an inspiration right??

snFOREVERsd said...

You yourself is a wonderful child of God.

Tiffany showed the way of God and path of Life to many that were blind;

Heaven opens up to people like our Tiffany.
Her faith walks her down the road to God,
Her strength lead many to the Lord Almighty,
Her love shines like a torch when i'm in the dark,
Her kindness strengthens my faith in Jesus,
Her presence shows the look of the angels in heaven,
Her heart radiates the never failing love from God,
Herself proves to me that God exists and loves us all.

Proud Tiffany fan and proud Christian, God bless you.

Melisa Natalia S. said...

so do you :)

from her, I learnt how we supposed to lift up and worship GOD in every single aspect of our life, make GOD as our top priority, and of course no matter how many people would hate us for our faith, we stand and we're proud of JESUS.

GOD bless you too :)

dean said...

Oh, young lady, you are so deceived to think Tiffany is a Christian girl. If you listen to the interviews of Tiffany and Taeyeon, they both live together, and they call each other 'wives'. This is evidence that they are in a sinful relationship with each other. They are not Christians in the Biblical sense.

Melisa Natalia S. said...

No, that's just a joke or statement they usually said to show how close they are as members of Girls Generation..
Of course they live together, in fact, all of the 9 members live in the same dorm and share room not only Tiffany and Taeyeon and as for now, Taeyeon's roommate is Sunny..
that's all I can say.. :D
Hope you don't mistaken them as you thought they were! :)
GOD bless you..

Anonymous said...

SO inspirational!! Not only did I just recently find SNSD and immediately wanted to be a sone, I just recently accepted JESUS into my heart and my life! This post made me smile! Tiffany is such a great inspiration to share her faith with the world!

Sephira said...

Im so thankful that she is a christian! Thank you GOD! :D Its really great that she also tells everyone in SNSD little quotes from the bible, and that shes not afraid of expressing her faith! Amen! She's a great inspiration for all SONEs and for her friends. I hope she can spread the word to all people and continue smiling. :)

Melisa Natalia S. said...

to anonymous: I'm soooo happy I read you comment!! your comment made me smile even wider!! :D

to Sephira: yes!! I feel the same way, one of the special reasons to love her is her faith in GOD, and not afraid showing it to the world :)

BoyGirl said...

Muslims think their religion is the real religion, Buddhist think theirs is. They can't all be correct because they conflict with one another. Let me guess you're religion is true because your parents were Christian? Yeah very scientific!

Melisa Natalia S. said...

I believe everyone had chosen a religion as their own because they think that it's best for them. People have their own point of views, of course as a Christian I think Christian is the best. But so does the Muslims, Buddhist, Atheists and other religions. Why would anyone chosen a path that they feel it isn't right for them? Our job is to respect whatever it is they have chosen.

And yes, my mother is Christian but I was a child that doesn't like to go to church at all. I will make excuses just to skip Sunday services, but one day I was touched by God's grace, just like that. So just to be clear, I'm Christian not because of my mother but because that day God touched my heart in the middle of the night a few years back. Maybe you can explain scientifically how can my heart was suddenly filled with so much love for God in the middle of the night while nothing significant happen that day or a few days before? I was touched for no reason, what I felt that moment is that I love God so much. It was truly an indescribable feeling and it was so beautiful. I've received miracles, something that can't be explain scientifically. If you ask me the reasons why I chose to be a Christian, there were so many reasons I couldn't possibly write all of them here. I wouldn't force everyone to be a Christian even though I do wish & pray for a lot of people so they can accept Jesus.

Again, I respect people and their choices in life because God taught us to love one another, so instead of being involved in conflicts just to show which religion is the best, I choose to pray for them.

God bless :)

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